How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in this key health awareness campaign.

Have you been affected by breast cancer?

Become a BooBee

One of the aims of Breastfest Manchester is to change the mindsets of women and give them a toolkit to better breast health.

Becoming one of our pink BooBees means becoming part of our wonderful Pink Hive working with us to reach out to the greater community telling your stories in a bid to raise awareness. In essence, they will engage, help educate and inspire women to help us aid early detection and ultimately join the fight to make breast cancer an illness of the past.

Throughout the campaign they will be supported by the BooBee team and the Prevent Breast Cancer charity. They will get to meet other women going through similar journeys and create strong special bonds as they work together towards our goals. 

Our 100 BooBees will be involved in our forthcoming high profile campaign on the run up to and throughout October, including The Ladies “Afternoon Bee:” an event full of glitz, glamour and entertainment but with some very clear and powerful messages on breast health delivered by them in partnership with some of the most eminent experts in the medical and scientific fields.

Remarkably only 4% of the money raised for Breast Cancer Research goes in to preventing it happening in the first place.  That’s why we need your help to raise money that will support the work of our scientists in Manchester.

By taking part you will: 

  • Share your story about how breast cancer has affected you.

  • Join our mobile breast awareness campaign on our Pink BooBee Bus

  • Take part in our Ladies “Afternoon Bee” event.  

  • Help raise money to support the work of the Prevent Breast Cancer charity.

As well as meeting new people and forming new support networks for each other, many of you will also gain new skills and improve your confidence and self-esteem as well as showcasing Manchester as a city leading the fight against breast cancer awareness and prevention.

Most importantly, together we will help encourage the women of Greater Manchester to be more breast aware which will ultimately save lives.

Buy from the BooBee shop

Coming soon - you will be able to buy some of our BooBee- Bee Body Aware products to show your support.

Join us at our Ladies’ Afternoon Bee

Save the date - Saturday 5th October 2019

We’re hosting an event at Manchester Central for 1,000 women. More information coming soon.

Fundraise for us during October

Visit the BooBee bus 

Join our BooBees on the bus which will be travelling around Manchester throughout October. Learn how to take steps to reduce your risk.