Let’s Get Manchester Buzzing!

You may not know this, but the ancient name for Manchester Mamucium is derived from the Roman word meaning “breast-shaped hill.”

In 2019, the city on the breast shaped hill will become the venue for our first ever “BreastFest.” 

Manchester is a city that has shaped the world in many ways over history.  A city key to the industrial revolution and a city that inspired other revolutions such as Peterloo and the suffragettes and in 2019 we are getting ready to start our very own movement.

Here in Manchester we are renowned throughout the global scientific community as leading the world with our research into breast cancer prevention. Current studies in Greater Manchester now include a world first.  For the first time anywhere, women are being given a risk assessment at the same time as breast screening.  The result of this study could mean that breast screening in this country could be revolutionised, thanks to the work being done by the Prevent Breast Cancer Team here in in the Nightingale Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital. However, the fight becomes more challenging as more women continue to be diagnosed year after year. 

2019 is the year where we aim to make Manchester the city where awareness about breast cancer in women is the highest in the country if not the world, so during October 2019 we will launch an exciting and innovative awareness campaign throughout Greater Manchester.  

We want to educate women about breast cancer risks whilst protecting our daughters, grand-daughters and every generation to come thereafter from breast cancer.  

 Manchester is also a city renowned for its powerful women. We recently celebrated the 100 year anniversary of when women won the right to vote, the right to have a voice. In recognition, our awareness campaign will be rounded off by a spectacular celebration of life and unity in the fight against breast cancer featuring 100 women from Greater Manchester who have all been affected in some way by the illness.  Fierce, emotional and at times shocking, this powerful afternoon event will act as a platform to tell their stories and help engage, educate and inspire other women in the fight to make breast cancer an illness of the past.

Manchester Breast-Fest Aims

  • To raise awareness of breast cancer and give our women a new mindset and toolkit to help them reduce their risk.

  • To improve the confidence and self-esteem of the 100 women taking part and create new support networks for them.

  •  To showcase Manchester as a city leading the fight in breast cancer awareness and prevention.

  •  To raise funds to support the work of Prevent Breast Cancer.