Boo-Bee was born from the collaboration between Margo Cornish, Charity Campaigner and Producer of Manchester BreastFest and Melanie Hudson from Stir Creative.

Margo and Mel have worked together lots of times in various charity projects.

“I was looking for a symbol that knitted together the spirit of Manchester, would appeal to women and was creatively versatile so what better than a pink bee, pink being the colour that represents breast cancer.  Boo-Bee is a Queen Bee, key to the survival of the colony and longevity.

When I was looking for someone to take forward my ideas for “Boo-Bee” Mel was my first port of call. She was able to translate my ideas into something that would be instantly recognisable and bring people together in one huge pink buzz!”

Margo Cornish


“It’s always fun working with Margo. Wherever she looks, she seems to see a way to care for people and transform lives. She takes the big unspoken topics and opens them up; she gives people hope, joy and support, and she does it with such fun and enthusiasm that it’s impossible not to be carried along for the ride. This project was certainly no different.

‘I need a bee.’, she told me! ‘Make it pink. Make her echo the spirit of Manchester. Ooh, and give her a crown’…, that’s what we did.

is made using 2 bras, a strappy and a strapless. They form the wings and antennae - it just made sense! The design is brave and bold – just like the women it represents.We chose a bright, vivid pink and a jaunty gold crown; as the masthead for Prevent Breast Cancer – this queen would not be a shy and retiring one!

And as for the name…? Well, to us she’s just known as Boo…..BooBee.

She stands for the strength, tenacity, bravery of all the women rising up against the sting of this horrible disease.

We wish Margo and the team all the very best in this exciting and vitally important new campaign. It’s been a pleasure working with her, as always!

Mel Hudson

Creative Director


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