My story begins in 2012. I was 41. I’d donated one of my kidneys in the January to a family friend who had kidney disease. I’d never felt better.......I felt fit, healthy and confident that I was 100% tip top, because I had to undergo lots of scans and tests on my body to ensure I was a suitable donor.

I was having early mammograms because of a history of Breast Cancer in my mother’s side of the family. However, they weren’t diagnosed until their late 50’s so I didn’t expect anything to be found at 41!

By the time July arrived, I had been diagnosed with stage 3 lobular invasive breast cancer and in September that same year I had a double mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction using the fat from around my tummy.

Raising money for ‘Prevent Breast Cancer’ and strutting my stuff in my underwear couldn’t have come at a better time! My mother passed away in April and I needed a boost. She taught me to be proud of my body, scars and all.

What have I learned from all this ?
Live simply, give more, expect less.

Mum, this is for you.

Margo Cornish