I am a Cancer Survivor.

I think Cancer is a Lottery. Let me explain.

It's a lottery because anyone can get it and then a lottery at what stage the cancer is at when diagnosed.

You maybe one of the Lucky ones and not get it at all: you have won the jack pot and got 6 balls

You have found a lump, tests done, all clear: you have got 5 balls. your prize is survival. vital you checked and found the lump.

You found a lump, shows signs it could be cancer, tests done, bad luck, come back as stage 1. 4 balls on the lottery,

Your cancer is diagnosed as stage 2: 3 balls

Your cancer is diagnosed as stage 3: 2 balls

Your cancer is diagnosed as stage 4: 1 ball, Bad luck. Your battle begins.

You can aim for 5 balls and check regularly and try and prevent the cancer from spreading and becoming a stage 4.

I was one of the lucky ones, I got 4 balls.

However, its still a life sentence, every lump, bump you think its come back.

2 Lumpectomies, Chemo and 6 weeks of Radio Therapy.

Telling my children was the hardest thing I had to do: one 16 doing her exams and a 13 year old son.

Losing my hair was also horrendous. We are all touched in some way with cancer.

All your support you are giving today will help the unfortunate ones fight that battle.

Margo Cornish