8 years ago I was just going about my day to day Mum things- kissing my 10 year old night night- and then suddenly it happened!

My World stopped.
I felt a lump on my breast.
Surely it won't be cancer? Will it?

Asked my hubby whether he could feel anything- he could.

OMG- I'll have to get it checked out- it was a lump the Dr confirmed.

3 weeks later I was in the clinic to get it checked out- thought there'd only be a handful of us there... there must have been 50 ladies being checked out.
5 hours later I was told that they were 95% sure I had cancer and this is what my options would be.
A week later I went back- it was 100% confirmed I had breast cancer.

I couldn't breathe.
I was devastated.
How can this happen to me- why me/why not me?

The worst moment in my life was when I had to share the news with my daughter- she was just about to start secondary school.

The following day I went for my preop and the following day I had my first of 3 lumpectomy's.

These were dark times- but the consultant and staff at the hospital were absolutely amazing as were my family.

Over the coming months- I went through Chemo and Radiotherapy.

Losing my hair was very hard- felt like I'd lost my identity- I was just Ruth the cancer patient.

The positives though were that I was at home for my daughter in her first year of secondary school, I made loads of friends and had time to have coffee and chat with them- the long lasting gift though is that I wake up every day - even now 8 years later and enjoy just being here- enjoying the smells, sights, feelings and love of the world.

My message to everyone is to check your BooBees!

Margo Cornish