Margo Cornish  

Dear BooBees,

We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us in our mission to engage, educate and inspire the women of Greater Manchester. We have much work to do to make us the most breast cancer aware city in the UK.

As it stands the number of eligible women coming forward for screening here in Manchester is lower than the national average whilst the number of women losing their lives prematurely is higher than the national average. Together we can help change these statistics.

Our campaign is two-fold, firstly raising awareness because we know that more awareness leads to early detection and early detection is the main key to a speedy diagnosis and a better prognosis. That means we can save lives.

BD MGO 28.jpg

We also need to raise money to support the work of the amazing Prevent Breast Cancer scientists here in Manchester who are at the forefront of medical research into preventing breast cancer and changing the landscape of cancer research from their base here in Manchester.

So we need you to help us reach out to the women of Greater Manchester and educate them to make sure that they know what they can do to reducer their risk of getting breast cancer. Through out BreastFest platform and series of events, we will engage, educate and inspire. We will change mindsets and give as many women information and a toolkit to take control of their breast health from now on.

 Together we will can achieve our goal of making breast cancer an illness of the past for our daughters, grand-daughters and all future generations of women not just in Manchester but throughout the world. 

Thank you for joining this movement .

Margo X