Do share posts from BreastFest and Prevent Breast Cancer

Social media posts from BreastFest and Prevent Breast Cancer have been created with the event and charity message in mind. Sharing posts will enable us to raise awareness among a greater number of people.


Don’t provide comment or images to media via social media

All media enquiries will be handled by Prevent’s PR agency, Peppermint Soda. The team will assess each media opportunity in consultation with yourself before responding, ensuring that your story is shared in the best way.


Do share posts from fellow BreastFest participants, BooBees and Queen Bees

Supporting fellow participants on social media makes our message stronger and will inspire more people to attend screening, self-check and ultimately become more aware of breast cancer.


Use the campaign hashtag - #BreastFest2019

Be sure to tag your social media posts with the campaign hashtag #BreastFest2019 and tag the relevant pages on social media. This will ensure your updates reach a larger number of people and can be shared by fellow BreastFest participants.


Update your privacy settings

Social networking sites such as Facebook have a range of privacy settings which are often set up, by default, to share your details to the widest audience possible. When ‘open’ anyone can find you from a search of the social networking site or even from a Google search. Therefore, it is important to change your settings to ‘private’ so that your details, comments and photographs can only be seen your invited and accepted friends.


Don’t accept friend requests from people you do not know

As a BooBee, you will no doubt make new friends and connections through the BreastFest event and Prevent Breast Cancer family. However, do not accept social media friendship requests unless you know the person or want to accept them.


Do not share any personal information on social media

Protect your privacy online by limiting the information and images you post, to those you are happy being seen and shared with people outside of your immediate family and friend groups.


Think before you post

Ensure that any messages, photos, videos or information you share is correct and in line with existing BreastFest and Prevent Breast Cancer information.


Prevent Breast Cancer – social media channels

Facebook– @WeArePreventBreastCancer

Twitter– WeArePreventBC

Instagram– @PreventBreastCancer


BooBee Breast Fest Manchester – social media channels

Facebook– @BreastFestManchester